Social media star Casey Neistat talks Snapchat versus YouTube


Since Snapchat Stories have been around for only a year or so, Snapchat celebrities are still a rare breed. Compared to viral Vine stars with their own cross country tour schedules and YouTube creators with their Hollywood deals, Snapchat stars are still building a case for themselves.

One such star, Casey Neistat, isn’t new to the social media fame game. His primary site is YouTube, but he started creating Snapchat Stories early on and built a separate following there. People watch Casey for his little narrative snippets, where he takes users on a journey throughout his day, whether it involves a flight home from Singapore or filming a movie with fellow Snapchat star Jerome Jarre. Neistat first gained a name for himself with an HBO special about him and his brother.

I chatted with him to hear why he’s bullish on ephemerality, doesn’t care that Snapchat hasn’t courted him, and isn’t…

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